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Strong Protection From Juvenile Sex Crime Allegations

Even if your child or teenager is only involved in a preliminary investigation regarding sexting or another sex offense, it can potentially cloud his or her future. That is why it is critical to seek the help of a skilled attorney if your child is involved in a child pornography or sexting investigation in any way. The law office of J. Michael Price II, located in Dallas, Texas, has a history of experience and success handling cases of this type.

Defending Teens Charged With Sexting Or Child Pornography

Charging teens under child pornography statutes distorts the original intent of these laws and seeks to punish adolescents for natural curiosity. Simply sending one nude photo to another teen is a sexual offense that could land your child in juvenile jail and create the possibility of a lifetime criminal record or sex offender label.

Sexting involves the electronic transmission – typically through text message, email or by social media – of visual images of a sexually suggestive or explicit nature. When the subject within the photograph or other visual depiction is a minor, child pornography offenses are often implicated.

Media Resources That Can Help You

Here are several examples and cases, both locally and on the national level that reflect how serious this problem has become and how some law enforcement agencies fail to see the difference between adults who possess and traffic in “child pornography” and children who use modern technology to “flirt” with each other:

  • WPXI: Teenage Sextet Charged With Cell Phone ‘Sexting’
  • Sex and Tech: Results from a Survey of Teens and Young Adults (National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy)
  • School Districts crack down on teen ‘sexting’
  • ABC: ‘Sexting’ Teens Can Go Too Far

If you or your child is being accused of or investigated for electronically sending sexual photographs, obtain experienced and assertive representation immediately.

Reach Out For Help In A Free Consultation With A Lawyer

Laws in this area pose a particular risk to young people’s future because of their novelty. When you need an attorney for juvenile sex offenses in Dallas, Collin County or anywhere in North Texas, contact attorney J. Michael Price II via email or call our office at 214-765-8000.

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